Starting HSC and equivalent exams


This year HSC and proportionate examinations have begun.The test began on Monday (April 1st) from 10am to the day, until 1pm.Today the first day is being examined.

It is learned that this year, 13 lakh 51 thousand 505 examinees are expected to sit for this examination. 40 more than 48 testers increased last time.

In HSC and equivalent examinations, the number of students is more than the number of students.Total students of 13 lakh 51 thousand 505 examinees 6 lakh 64 thousand 496 people, the remaining six lakh 87 thousand 9 students. in it HSC exams 11 lakh 38 thousand 747.Madrasa Board examined 88 thousand 451, Technical Board 1 lakh 24 thousand 264 and 43 students of DIBs.

The government has taken 22 types of steps including shutting down the coaching center to handle the test.During the examinations, the Education Minister has called upon the examinees and parents to give no answer to the question papers. Dipu Moni.

Written test will be held until 11th May. Between 12 and 21 May, the practical test will be done.Now, 9 thousand in two thousand 579 centers Students of 81 institutions will take this final examination of the 12th class.118 educational institutions increased more than last time, 38 centers increased.Outside Dhaka, 275 students will participate in the eight centers abroad,Of these, 127 students, 148 students.

HSC and equivalent exams will be held in 101 subjects of 101 exams.There are 151 number of letters in different Syllabes.The examination will be held in about 40 thousand rooms of 2,580 centers across the country.Every day, at least one lakh teachers will be engaged in the examination.Bangla and English versions to take the test A total of three thousand 962 types of questions were printed for practical examination.

Like any other time, students will have to sit in the reserved seats 30 minutes before the examinations begin.If there is a delay due to inevitable reasons, the name of the registrar, serial number and the reason for the delay should be mentioned.List of candidates who come late, send to the concerned board every day.Anyone other than the officer in charge of the center, the mobile phone in the center of the examination Or can not use unauthorized electronic devices.

Acting officer will use such a phone,Can not photograph or use the internet.Engage in question papers and transport from Treasury or Thana Officers-teachers and employees also call a phone Can not use.Black glass microbus or any such vehicle for carrying the question paper Can not be used. A set questionnaire will be examined in the test code 25 minutes before the start of the codeThe officer will be informed through SMS.

To reach the center of the question from Treasury or Thana Do not distribute the questions much longer than the distance Distribution of question papers by setting necessary time have to do. A photocopy inside each center Board to take necessary measures for keeping machine The authorities have instructed the officers of each center.

If a mobile phone number is suspected to be the same amount of money in excess of the same amount, then the concerned agent will have to inform the Officer-in-Charge of the nearest police station (OC).If there is a delay in starting the examination, the students have been asked to give the time specified in the question.


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