Nobody can misshape the nation’s history: PM

Head administrator Sheik Hasina has said that the historical backdrop of Liberation and Liberation War won’t be permitted to contort anyone.

On Wednesday afternoon, at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center, Awami League organizing the Independence Day organized by the Awami League, he said this.

Photo: Focus Bangla

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said at the beginning of the discussion meeting,The fundamental point of making this association was to shield the Bengali country from segregation.Shekhar of Awami League was among the people of Bengal,So military rulers could not destroy this group despite many attempts, he said.

Amid this time, the Awami League President Sheik Hasina called upon the pioneers and laborers to arrange this association further.

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He also said, ‘Bangabandhu inspired people of the country to think about independence. And he stepped forward to the goal of independence in the democratic process. ”

Sheikh Hasina said that if the parties formed by the power of power dissipate without being in power, then they will disappear. Not at Baksal, the democracy of the country was killed during Zia’s military rule.

Highlighting the military and civil disparity, he said,The minority Westerners have oppressed exploitation against the majority of Pakistanis.Flowers were painted in the desert of West Pakistan with money from East Bengal. First protest was against Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.


Bangabandhu daughter said, ‘When Bangabandhu started taking various steps for the economic release of the country, then onlyDomestic and foreign chakras killed him in the family.The main goal of the conspirators were to eliminate the Awami League. A group of them cooperated with them.

He said, “After the Awami League came to power in the country, Bangladesh is going forward through economic liberalization through democracy.The party formed in the greed of power never gave democracy in the countryAwami League President Sheikh Hasina also said that she can not say.

During this time, the ideology of Bangabandhu with patriotism of the party leaders and activistsHe urged to work for building gold Bangladesh.



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