Modi’s book, converted into Hindi by Kaviguru, took Delhi to Delhi

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Rupayana Gangopadhyay: A book deciphered by Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore in Hindi has been taken to Delhi by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the Siliguri and Brigade Maidan on Wednesday, two gatherings were hung around the same time and Modi began battling for the Lok Sabha decisions in the state. In the wake of finishing the gathering of Siliguri, she came straight from that point to Calcutta. Subsequent to leaving the racecourse helipad, the book was deciphered by Kaviguru in Hindi by the Prime Minister, a top BJP pioneer said.


In the Brigade’s discourse on Wednesday, the Prime Minister needed to get the outlook of Rajabasan by featuring the general population of Bengal. Said the dirt of Bangla jaydev, chandidas, lalan fakir, Nazrul, jibananand das, writer Rabindranath Tagore. Again Ksudiram and Surya talked about the penances of the fighters. Modi said that this relationship of upset and verse will satisfy the fantasy of new India. He likewise featured the memory of the Belur Math in connection to his association with Bengal.


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