Microsoft will close down Windows 7 from one year from now!

Windows 7 working framework came in July 2009. A large portion of the windows are as yet utilizing Windows 7 after the update has come.

As of late Microsoft reported that, since 2020, the help for Windows 7 will be stopped. Warnings are sent to Windows 7 clients to introduce Windows 10.

Microsoft has said that Windows 7 will be stopped on Jan 14, 2020. After March 14, all updates to this working framework will be ended. So before March 2020, you should expel the PC from the Windows 7 working framework.

As of now 80 million endorsers are utilizing Windows 10 on their PCs. As per Microsoft experts, as indicated by Windows 7 is relied upon to build the quantity of clients to 10 billion. As of now 80 million clients are utilizing Windows 10 on their PCs. As Windows 7 awakens, the quantity of Windows 10 clients surpasses 100 million, of course by the Microsoft specialists


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