Banani Fire Kills 19

“We have kept in touch with all the structure proprietors on this road, including this one, somewhere around five to multiple times, approaching them to play it safe for flame wellbeing. Be that as it may, nobody at any point consented.”



  • Flame Service Director Major Shakil Newaz​

Somewhere around 19 individuals were killed and around 100 others harmed yesterday as a dangerous flame tore through 22-story FR Tower in the capital’s Banani region.

The loss of life may rise, dread authorities saying the inquiry activity would proceed till today morning.

Brig Gen Sazzad Hossain, chief general of the Fire Service and Civil Defense, said they would proceed with the pursuit task in the structure till 10:00am today and afterward hand it over to police

The blast was soaked around 7:00pm following a six-hour frenzied exertion. Firemen were yet to know the reason for the flame that ejected on the sixth floor. It spread rapidly to different floors of the structure that houses a sustenance court and many workplaces.

The occurrence occurred barely a month after a flame killed something like 70 individuals in Old Dhaka’s Chawkbazar region.

At a press instructions at 9:15pm yesterday, the flame administration DG said the structure did not have sufficient flame wellbeing gear.


“There were just a couple of gear, and that excessively were unusable,” he said.

The flame broke out around 12:50pm, catching a few hundred individuals inside the structure. A significant number of them shouted for help, waving hands and materials on various floors as several spectators swarmed the nearby Kemal Ataturk Avenue.

Scores were spotted on edges of the structure, frantically endeavoring to move down to wellbeing. A couple of others snatched ropes brought down by salvage helicopters, which hauled them out of the burst. Groups underneath cheered and commended each time somebody was saved.

One of The Daily Star reporters saw something like six individuals tumble to their demise while attempting to get away from the blast.

The helicopters splashed water on the structure while firemen utilized stepping stools to ascend distinctive floors. They crushed windows to make escape courses and safeguarded individuals in gatherings.

Over four hours after the blast, individuals were still observed caught on the thirteenth and fourteenth floors, waving for help in the midst of billows of dark smoke.

An aggregate of 22 firefighting units, supported by the military, the naval force and the flying corps work force, attempted to tame the blast.

The flame was brought leveled out around 4:45pm and drenched at 7:00pm, said Rasel Shikder, an obligation officer at the central command of the Fire Service and Civil Defense.

As per information given by Fire Service and Civil Defense’s media focus at 8:30pm, 19 individuals, including a Sri Lankan national, were executed and 70 others endured wounds. Somewhere around 73 individuals were safeguarded while six firemen were harmed in the activity.

Eleven of the dead were recognized as Rumki Akhter, 30; Masudur Rahman, 32; Nirosh Vignarajah, 30; Abdullah Al Faroque, 32; Mamun, 32; Monir 50; Amir Hossain Rabbi, 29; Sheik Jabin Tasnim Bristi, 27; Anjir Abir Siddiqui, 26; Fazle Rabbi, 27; and Monjurul Hasan, 45.

The personality of the others couldn’t be known.

Nirosh, a Sri Lankan national, allegedly tumbled to his demise while endeavoring to get away from the burst. He was proclaimed dead after he was conveyed to Kurmitola General Hospital, said Brig Gen Quazi Rashid-Un-Nabi, chief of the medical clinic.

Nirosh Vignarajah, a Sri Lankan national, who kicked the bucket in Banani fire yesterday.

Of those safeguarded from the structure, seven were admitted to Kurmitola Hospital, 10 to the United Hospital and three to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. The rest were discharged after essential treatment.

A significant number of them had respiratory issues as they breathed in smoke. The others endured wounds while attempting to get away.

President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheik Hasina communicated significant stun at the loss of lives and property in the staggering flame.

Portraying his three-hour-difficulty on the twelfth floor, Badsha Faisal, one of the survivors, stated, “My dad prompted me not to bounce from the structure and said I ought to rather take cover on the housetop.

“I attempted to go up yet bombed because of thick smoke. I at that point came back to the twelfth floor.”

“We broke the glass dividers and waved materials for help. At one phase, we figured we would pass on,” referenced Faisal, an official director of an IT firm.


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